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PostSubject: application   application I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 2:22 pm

1) How old are you?
2) Where are you from?
3a) Are u able to be on ventrilo all the time u play? Do you have a microphone ? Do you speak english?-u should have in 21th century (yes/yes/yes or kkthxbb)
yes yes yes
4) 19-23:00 +1 in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday = 100% activity, can you handle? (yes or kkthxbb)
5) How often do you play beside our main online time, write down your usuall gaming timetable.

6) What servers did you play before? What clans did you have there?
roxy, dex roxy>>> clan exile
7 ) At the Friday and Saturday Nights we dont need 100% activity, go fack a duck or w/e you like, but when there is castle siege planned, either you are online or you have no clan. Can you be online at every siege?
yes i will
8 ) What classes does your character have? And level ? Nickname? Equipp?
Bishop Level 40 Name BoXy D equip
9) Do you have any friends in our clan, who can vouch for you?
10) Why do u want to join us?
Only for mass pvp and sieges
11)Will you give me your account? bounce bounce bounce
Bonus info: (more = better)

1) What do you like the most on this link?
2) Some more info about you. We need activity same as fun on ventrilo, do we rly need you-why?
(are u hard rocker or ure open minded disco-gay, are you a virgin, how often you go emo if someone make fun of you, can you shut the fack up on vent at the event by yourself or i will need to mute u all the time, are you able to talk in party while youre pvping-stun assist/double shot assist in case of archer, drain assist in case of healers or you are shy, got nice sister and wanna share pics, do you think WOW>l2, are you nazi, how much time do you spend in pub weekly, do you like czech beer, is gandalf your favore wizard, were you good at Maths at elementary school........etc-show yourself off)
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PostSubject: Re: application   application I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 3:16 pm

14? ><
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