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 Pro Apply - Mikko

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PostSubject: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 6:33 am

1) How old are you?


2) Where are you from?

Canada, Quebec, GMT -5

3) Ventrilo? Microphone ? Speak english?

Yes / Yes / Yes

4) 19-23:00 +1 in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday = 100% activity, can you handle?

This time is 11 AM to 5 PM for me so it isn't a problem for me at this moment because I don't work and I don't go to any kind of educational institutions but It might become a problem when I finally find the inner motivation inside me to get a job (And I know I have to, But I also am unemployed for the past year and a half if not more, I stopped counting, but it has to come soon I almost have no money left !!)

5) How often do you play beside our main online time, write down your usuall gaming timetable.

I don't often play in the morning, usually very late at night, Mornings only when It's 10-11AM and I haven't slept yet, I play normally from the time I wake up, to the time I go sleep, with few exeptions.
My sleeping cycle atm can range from basically anytime in the day, I can adjust, as long as I dont have chores to do like helping parents at specific hours in a day or when I have planned stuff during the day (happens..... sometimes...) Then I must adjust for thoses things and It takes priority over Lineage 2.

6) What servers did you play before? What clans did you have there?

This is my old apply from Nanaki, I Modified it and pasted the beginning of it (So the "Char name and level" was my char on NANAKI, hence answering this question at the same time the clan this apply made me join was Cataclysm.

Char Name and Lvl: Misari 78/78/60+
Class (and sub): Main Soultaker 78 Subclass Eva's Saint 78 Subclass Bishop Leveling to become Cardinal soon.
Noble: Yes
Equipment: DC Set +3/+4, Homu +10 ( Soon Arcana Mace ), Draconic Bow, Tattoessian +3 Set, and alot of money ( Around 4kkk in adena+items )
Alts: Shillen Saint 78 Subclass BladeDancer 70 + Warsmith 56 + Bounty Hunter 44 + Prophet 70 + Elemental Summoner 56 (Summon Friend)
Previous Clans, Servers, Class:
Server : Ultima L2 ; Notable classes : Abyss Walker ; Notable Clans : Glory, Vicious (Of which I was leader)
Server : L2 Extreme ; Notable Classes : Sorceror, Swordsigner, Shillen Elder ; Notable Clans : ShadowRunners, RA
Server : L2 Extreme Reborn : Notable Classes : Archmage, Shillen Saint ; Notable Clans : Severance
Server : L2 Paradise : Notable Classes : Soultaker ; Notable Clans : Patriotes, Weakness, eXecutorz
Server : Supreme L2 Aerith : Notable Classes : Soultaker ; Notable Clans : Free, eXecutoRz
Server : Supreme L2 Nanaki : Notable Classes : Soultaker, Shillen Saint, Eva's Saint ; Notable Clans : Tribal
Server : Retail (Luna) : Notable Classes : Swordsigner ; Notable Clans : None(Was rolling eith eXecutoRz members)

7) At the Friday and Saturday Nights we dont need 100% activity, go fack a duck or w/e you like, but when there is castle siege planned, either you are online or you have no clan. Can you be online at every siege?

What is a castle siege? I'd lie if I'd say yes, I can. But everytime I wont be able to, and this will not happen this often because sieges are one of the things i find most interesting in playing this game, I will post the reasons for not being online in Forums or I will personally tell Hike/FadeToBlack/Urge in vent.

8 ) What classes does your character have? And level ? Nickname? Equip?

Mikko - Main Soultaker 77 / Sub #1 Eva's Saint 76 / Sub #2 Elemental Summoner 56
Dark Crystal Set +4
Sword of Valhalla +2 (soon +3)
Top Luxury Jewels +0 ( Was working on Tatoessian but then I gave recs to clan warehouse )

9) Do you have any friends in our clan, who can vouch for you?

Everyone is mah fran ! hTz is MaH LOVE, URGE is Mah Bitch, Chedi Is Mah Slave, Fade is Mah Nigguh!

10) Why do u want to join us?

Well this is a simple question and therefore requires a very complex and elaborated answer.

When I left nanaki, Aderyn had plans to release a new low rate server but he also had plans for many other things that always takes ages to happen... So I didn't put all my hopes in this too much, I went on with IRL and didnt plan on coming back until something major happened (I was thinking at that time about Gracia Final Files being leaked or something like that)

I was more on about girls, alcohol, party and playing Magic : The Gathering with my friends that share this hobby with me. And then one day, out of nowhere I decide to talk to Micaa on msn (She was on my msn because we used to play together on BeDevil clan in Nanaki) About a girl that I met online and wanted to know what she though about this dilemna I had. So then I notice her MSN Name is "Playing Celes Beta" So... I though... Oh! New RPG game and she's been selected to play the beta, so I ask, what's the game, is it a new rpg game that just came out? And she replies no its Celes's new Lineage 2 Low rate server And it's opening in 5 days O.O !!!!

My heart almost stopped, I was like, HELL I LOVE SERVER STARTS, And I Haven't played L2 in a while...
But usually what I do when a server is about to open is i prepare for it... I go on msn, use my diplomacy to try to be part of a good rooster for a clan and go on with them, but ffa 5 days, AND i still hadn't completely removed myself of going out on dates with girls etc and still had 1 or 2 on me so...

I dind't had time to plan all this so i went with the regular, Oh i'll join whatever clan you join micaa.
And she joined absolute. Hence I tried to join them, and I would of probably succeeded if it wasn't for the fact that in the middle of my attempt to try to get the motivation to start writing an apply for Absolute (Which, to be honest, didn't really made me happy to know that when i'm on 100% PVE mode id get wars etc, I prefered to stay clanless till I was high lv and had dc set etc) Micaa left absolute and joined vex.

Now I know that ALL ALONG while I was leveling I been taling with URGE and Firefly (sorry if he's hated by the clan now but He was part of the reason so) And they seemed to go well together and URGE was almost catching me up in levels and I know him from like 3-4 servers back in L2Paradise or Extreme.

So I though hey, Why not join Vex, They seem good, and they are the underdogs against BonerJam / Reborn / ShortPants and HateCrew.
Now here being underdogs isn't an insult, it's just that I hate myself to just level fast and then join topclan of server to kinda like "leech" them and be part of the "already best" celes clan. Id much rather go with a clan that isn't 1st and MAKE IT #1 Because we PLAY HARD AND GO PRO (my motto btw)

And Since Urge and Chedi were on Vex all fitted together exept the fact I was Soultaker and they were archers so I had to sub an healer to at least fit a little and that's why I came in late cuz If I would have made an apply when I was level 72 and everyone else was 50 I'm not sure my soultaker would have been taken at that time... but now.. considering i'm the only soultaker of vex is a BIG + for me.

11) Will you give me your account? bounce bounce bounce

Again this isn't a simple Yes/No answer.... I have trust issues
I feel like I invest so much of my soul in this character that If something happens to it.... And not only about Items... I want Mikko to be MY identity, if too many ppl log in my act and play my char I will lose this identity so I really don't like that. It's been like this ever since I started playing Lineage 2 in that old boozy UltimaL2 server with CaptMarvel.... I have NEVER, in 3 years EVER given my account info to ANYONE besides my real life girlfriend that almost lived with me (Her name was Kittara btw maybe some of you know her) At that time I cared about Lineage 2 But I didn't yet realise how much I was addicted to it and didn't plan myself anyway out of it, I was still naive and though I would be able to stop whenever I want. WRONG.

In Nanaki, when I left server, couple weeks before Leaving I gave my act info to a person for the first time in my Lineage 2 History. It was ZoodBaush, I didnt knew him for that long but I just had this weird feeling that giving him my account was the right thing to do. I'm very much intuitive and sometimes I do stuff that people would say are "Withough a reason" but most of those times my reason is the intuitions I find inside me that tells me to do something even if its against all odds. And tbh so far it prooved to be pretty good.

Altho I still deprive the idea of how the clan works at 100%, Id probably change many things but in general it can hold itself, some pointy details is asking act info as soon as the person joins clan. I think this is a bit harsh and restrains us to 2 type of people in clan which are, the people that already know some of us and are convinced by them to trust hike with their act, and the other type are the people that play High Risk High Reward meaning they will go against what they think is right and show they can be trusted to leave with greater good.

I am neither of thoses type, because I have other personal benefits into trusting Hike with my account. Altho it deprives my identity which is what i hate the most, If I get scammed or If an unrecuperable fault happens to my account, I would have an exit door at being better at real life... Now I know it's harsh mesures, and I really wish to be able to cure myself withough having to take last resorts, but right now this stands, And I really hope to show I can be trustworthy enough before something changes it.

I though Id talk my way into saying that, because some people need my account to log it for pvp epics etc, Urge Chedi and FadeToBlack would be enough ppl to handle logging an extra EE if i'm afk, But I also realized after talking to Fade that Vex Might Fade out soon, And that I have to put on extra mesures to become Core Member To be able to enjoy my future in Lineage 2 a little bit better. (And for thoses who didn't understand, Theres some info I prefer not to open to public since anyone can read thoses posts so I've been subtle...)

Bonus info: (more = better)

1) What do you like the most on this link?

I would write about 4-5 paragraphs about my analysis on this video and how human procreation endevours great profit but I guess It is irrelevant since you already know I'm an out of the ordinary person with a slightly scientific look on human behaviour and theories about life.

2) Some more info about you.

-Why do we need you

This question has been answered in every bit of each words I wrote in all of the above and below questions. But for the specifics :

To PEE VEE PEE more often.
To join a community of experienced players like me.
To have access to a clan Hall and possibility of owning a castle.
To have a support group to farm IT / MOS / Fog Quests.
To get to know and befriend more players.
To share information, knowledge and support.
To participate in Sieges, Raid bosses, Epics
Because I like active clans.
(I hope that's enough reasons) Razz

-Can you shut the fack up on vent at the event by yourself or i will need to mute u all the time&

I'm a very open minded person, If you read everything so far you should already know this a bit, furthurmore if you would hear my theories about life, girls, sexuality etc but One of the thing I Pride myself the most Is my talent on communications and How I can use them to Chameleon myself and Adapt to any situation. STFU is probably the words you can say to me that will make me wanna pound your face to the ground with a sledgehammer. So don't ever tell me this. If what I say isn't important and you need to say something important you can tell me politely you need to talk i'll understand. Don't tell me to shutup, Never.

-Do you think WOW>l2

Absolutely Not

-How much time do you spend in pub weekly

Before Celes opened and After I quitted nanaki, Basically when I,m not playing Lineage 2 I go to Bar/Disco/Pool tables and drink beer and have fun doing social and stuff about 10h per week or so.
Since Celes started and generally each time i'm invested into L2 It goes down to an average of 30 min / week (Meaning maybe 1 time in the month i'll go out 2h and that's it)

Ok, I Deleted all the questions from above that I didnt wanted to answer or I though would be Irrelevant.

Additionnal Info : You have to know many things, First I play lineage 2 for sooo long, I started on some crappy l2 java server making a cleric to become bishop but quests were bugged and etc.
Then i moved to l2x which was my first real server, I was the strongest Sorceror of the server, I 1 shotted kariks at the time they were the best mob u could kill in the game and that increase hp skill wasn't implemented.
My experience on Nanaki is that I started playing with my girlfriend on here, leveled up and accomplished many things in Tribal clan, and then my clan left for Retail (Luna) and I followed
Soon enough, botting all-day-long became exessively boring and I left my paid account unlogged for 3 whole months, then I finally cancelled it and didn't touch L2 for a whole 4 months
It's been 7 months i hadn't played L2 when I finally decide to redownload it and play AzureL2 again, After 1 month of being back I made a huge apply for Cataclysm forum and they said it was the best apply they ever saw in their whole entire clan history I said in my apply that I was was looking to regain the status of "member of an active and server-dominating clan"(which is part of the reason why I join Vex, My motives are the same, just the clan is different) (Which doesn't actually mean, best clan in server, I dont like when the rivality is too weak and our clan is too strong against other clans) And at that time Empires United was the Zerg of the server So I didnt consider Cataclysm to be "topclan" EU was like Geno IMO, After being taken in Cataclysm I had some issues with IRL and my online time dropped and I got kicked by Quintus for being AFK in CH when the beach needed ee buffs (lolreason)

I never rided a wyvern, its something id want to try at least once before to stop playing l2,
I always argue with people that +5 Int is better than +5 Wit for Necromancers, I've always played with +5 Int and always will
I've had my lot of experience sieging and defending a castle and I do it well, with ventrillo orders etc, And i can lead parties too.
I'm a programmer, a skilled one, I see stuff in games that other people don't see, I applied 3 times to become Developper for Supreme but they refused me.Razz
So instead usually I report the bugs that I see to mcrabben, I probably saved aerith from 2 rollbacks because I had seen an exploit and reported before someone abused of it.

(this was part of my cataclysm apply, what I show u is still relevant to what I know but also because of it you realise alot of ppl used this info, which i proceeded to tell in another post, to powerlevel their chars and are doing the same on Celes ATM. Yes you know it, its the turn undead out of party with overhit trick, noone in nanaki did it before I started)

There's still 2 very good ways to power level a character that is not an exploit but that doesnt work the same way in retail.
With it, you can level a char from 0 to 60 in 3 hours or so. (No, Not the turn undead trick, Curious?)
I think that i could try something funny and surprise everyone at oly with soultaker but I dont have the equips yet to do it
Theres still many things that i'm wondering the effects of on Nanaki that I have to test but cant fill out the requirements.
I'm a guy with knowledge, experience, support player at heart. I'm sure you won't regret recruiting me.
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PostSubject: Part 2   Fri May 29, 2009 6:34 am

And Now... Some pictures from my Past and Present Experiences in Lineage 2.

Valakas Fight, Tribal VS Animosity, We killed them all and they bugged themselves back in the room with summon friend or something, and they had a bishop inside the walls so we couldn't target it so they won 2nd fight

I Miss doing Raid bosses on CDL with mages, fking retarded destro ruins the fun !

I play this game for so long Neutral But ain't I Imba?

Vadrigaar Engraving, I was there.

Valakas Loots ^^

AzureL2 full Great Nice Stuff, SRSLY

And Finally, My Soultaker Layout from THIS server, I recently added Force macros and changed my setting so lately ive not been at 100% on pvps but i'll catch up soon enough and my max potential will be increased because of a better setup.



Now tell me who wouldn't want someone like me at their side?? What a Face Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 7:26 am

not bad mang not bad Very Happy . long aply . almost fall asleep reading it :d. so in teh end u want to sex with vex and all with a little bit of hex?Very Happy
btw welcome:P
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 7:36 am

I want lots of sex with all the girls in vex ally

CantCatchMe has SAXY voice lulz

Can i has a piece? plax?
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 11:02 am

That was a strong app affraid

Quote :
(Her name was Kittara btw maybe some of you know her)
I think i remember this name from L2Rofal, or it was Kittiara...she played there?
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 12:30 pm

No, she played alot of lol xtrahighrates lulpvp servers that i wasn't even on but all of which she had the name "Kittara" and "Pyka" Theres posts of her on AzureL2 forums... Let me link you up...
I remember some Brazilian person telling her that "kittara" meant something like "train" and "Pyka" meant Dick... So we called her PenisTrain

I went through troubles to find this again, she had pics all over that thread, it's not her best but it's the first one I found, i'm sure if you keep looking you'll find dozens more.
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 12:55 pm

Ah, and for the heck of it, here goes

It's me in the middle ofc...

Last edited by Mikko on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:19 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 12:56 pm

Get rid of those macros imo ... U won't know when skills are ready for reuse and that makes u lose time in pvp
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 1:08 pm

You don't need to know when reuse is ready, I lost too many pvp cuz holding down CTRL at same time as pushing keys (I actually press keyboard's 1-7 for the first bar, so from CTRL to 7 its very hard) I never click the buttons with my mouse apart for skills that i dont use alot.

And I remember the last time I used a skill like dark vortex, I know exactly when it should be ready again
Pro mengs i tell u, I r pro!

Just takes time to get used to it, but its the way to do things...
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 1:33 pm

i like the one in the left Drusalina cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 1:34 pm

ok +1.
i <3 mikko.
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 1:36 pm

Can you edit your post and resize the picture, or add a thumbnail plz, you fucked up my whole PRO APPLY post cuz the pic is too big

And dont turn my Apply into an ex gf thread, this thread is about me !!! u steal mah Show !!! Wheres MAH LOVE hTz I need a comment by u !!!

Lol ABS, you didnt had to type WORD FOR WORD what I asked u Neutral

Meanie Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 1:42 pm

i'm not good at making positive comments...i just like to criticize and make drama sry Sad.
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 2:50 pm

BlackSuede wrote:
not bad mang not bad Very Happy . long aply . almost fall asleep reading it :d. so in teh end u want to sex with vex and all with a little bit of hex?Very Happy
btw welcome:P

LOOO0L uve read it all.

Iam gonna read this when server is down. Patience my padawan.


Lamnom: "Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you on his own level and beat you with experience."
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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 11:38 pm

Good job Mikko, well discribe and all

You have my +1
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I has a flavor

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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   Fri May 29, 2009 11:43 pm

Enough with the spam. Welcome to the gang Mikko.


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PostSubject: Re: Pro Apply - Mikko   

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Pro Apply - Mikko
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