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 Clan Rules.

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Clan Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules.   Clan Rules. I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 17, 2009 10:58 pm

1)Ventrilo rules:
- In the main playing time (19-23+1) - ONLY english on vent.

- Once you have a party made by 5 ppl and more, you must be on ventrilo in same channel and talk english when at least 1 of the party members is from diff nation than the rest.(If we loose pvp it will be cuz we are weaker, not cuz lack of communication)

- Every members will use VentriloMIX (UTFG). (we might need to switch vnt srvrs fast)

- There is a topic on the froum used for noticing your inactivity

- Cant be online in the main playing time - post there.

- Cant be online on siege/announced event - post there

If i dont find your post and ure offline when ure supposed to be online, kktnxbb.

3) Crafting, drops.

- Basic equip is made by members by themself. As basic eqquip i consider full Cgrade. (jewellery, C wpn, C armor - all luxory) Till they are done whit this, adena rule is not applied for them.

- Every drop you get (solo, party), every item you scam, will go to clan warehouse.

- Material/USEFULL key-material/USEFULrecipes/Ancient Adena/Normal Adena/full items you will put to CWH.

There are 3 types of stuff: (talking about recipes and key materials)
a) What i want in CWH: As key/rcps we need i consider those items which we RLY need, use your brain. (SoV, BoP, DC, MLAs, TPA, NMhvy,MJhvy,Wizrd. T., majestic jewellery rcps/keys etc. )
b) Valuable stuff which we wont rly craft. (BOMT, Soul B, Soul S, NM light rcp, ALL THE valuable B-grade ARMOR stuffs, belion cestus....etc.) Will be given DIRECTLY to clan crafter. He will sell them or make some nice deals whit them. (The only B set we will ever craft is doom hvy for tanks)
c) TRASH, carnage bow, tallum blade, any kind useless fists, blood tornado, desparion, DC light (body), Tallum ROBE (body), black ore jewells...etc...I DONT WANT TO SEE IT IN CWH.

Additional info for ccs:
- You can keep up to 4kk on your charakter till 70 level, since than up to 8kk (This is applied in later game, at the beginning you will put EVERY adena you can miss to CWH to make crafting faster)
- Ancient Adena - Keep what you need for DYES, once you have DYES you need, keep only RED/BLUE seal stones, all green seal stones will go to CWH.

P.S. The best way to make me VERY angry is throwing BULLSHTS to clan warehouse so its full and there is no spot for additional full items or important keys/rcps.
Examples: lolBlack Ore rcps/keys, faking Carnage bow rpcs/keys, retardedFists recipes/keys, m. fakin phoenix crap, etc.

4) PvP:
- In main playing time we wont wait anyone to restock himself, use your PWH for sh1ts/pots/arrows.

- No matter if we win or loose pvp, no matter if they zerg us or we zerg them, you will only say "gf". Once i see ANY clan member flaming or disscussion about current PvP, warning => kick.

- WarCryers will be party leaders, they will know how to rebuff including expell/invite healers.

- You wont move more far than is 600 l2-range from your party leader. (once ANY healer tell me some dd is sheep or frag hunter, hes out)

- Assisting, archers will SPAM assist on their main assister, not assist, kill, assist kill. If MA retarget fast, he has his reason, if MA tell stun, within 0.5 sec there will be 3 archers stunning his target. Archers can earn MA status in member list if peepz tell me they are good.

- PK COUNT, this is very important. Every member will make sure he has 0 PKs after each time he is RED. This is not cuz of drops or sth, i dont give a fack if u drop sth or not. Less pk points=less karma=faster dekarma. We will PK a lot, if i say PK some party on spot where we wanna farm, they will die in 5 sec and in next 30 sec were dekarmed. If someone will be whit PK points when i say PK => warning => kick.

<K3nji> ok let put it this way...We have comunist rules, set by democratic way and our CL is Fascist:P
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Clan Rules.
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